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Past Shows

31/10/15         Dutch Doom Days – Rotterdam, NL

28/03/15         Record Release Party with Saturnus & B.S.T. – Hamburg, GER

31/10/14         Killing Fields Festival Pt. 2 with Fäulnis, Ophis and many more – Winsen/Luhe, GER

25/10/14          Tour Date with Ophis – Göttingen, GER

24/10/14          Tour Date with Ophis – Hammelburg, GER

01/05/14          Tour Date with Witehorse (AUS) – Hamburg, GER

10/01/14          Show with B.S.T., Swamp Corpse, Opium Divan – Hamburg, GER

07/12/13          From Dusk Til Doom with Officium Triste, Ophis, Fading Bliss, Marche Funebre – Huy, BEL

06/12/13          Doom Over Freiburg II with Officium Triste, Ophis, Snarf – Freiburg, GER

03/05/13          Tour Date with Mournful Congregation (AUS), Agrimm Doomhammer – Hamburg, GER