Blending atmospheric death-doom with opressive funeral doom parts and haunting melodies, Crimson Swan from Freiburg (Germany) deliver music that every friend of the slower paces should definitely lend an ear!

Although sharing the mood with bands like My Dying Bride, Swallow The Sun, Saturnus and Shape Of Despair, Crimson Swan managed to develop their own note with only an EP and the present full length debut „Unlit“.

Plaintive leads and elegiac keys form a solemn symbiosis with a slowly crushing rhythm section, topped off by brutal growls. Doom or be doomed!


The roots of the band date back to a vacation in 2010 spent by the former members Simon, Marcos and band leader Robert in a lownly forest cottage. Inspired by this gloomy and forlorn place „When Angels Fall“ was written, which should mark the first song of Crimson Swan.

Fueled by the positive responses to the demo version of said song, more tunes were concocted, until the EP „Icon“ could be recorded with the help of session musicians.

Although initially planned as a studio project, first gig inquiries came with the release of „Icon“. A few months later Crimson Swan found themselves playing the first shows. Til today the band had the pleasure of sharing the stage with great bands like Saturnus, Shape Of Despair, Officium Triste, Mournful Congregation, Ophis and many more.